Online Marketing

Social media and the way we tackle marketing is continually and rapidly evolving

The world is now almost entirely online. This online world is constantly growing and evolving algorithms make it a difficult space to navigate and a space that takes more time to keep on top of than most businesses have to spare.


SLD is here to help from account setups to management, for social media content production, paid advertisements and curatedĀ EDM’s. With experience in these area’s in particular: Facebook & Facebook Business, Instagram, Google Adwords, Adroll Retargeting, MailChimp and Content Management Systems.


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Content Management

Sourcing, sharing and promoting relevant, timely and interesting content.

Original Content

Creating unique original content, that will help make your social media pages and website stand out.

Social Media Marketing

Creating and managing digital campaigns, online promotions, special events and competitions on social media platforms.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Executing effective pay per click (PPC) and affiliate Internet marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing (EDM)

Creating effective and engaging e-newsletters and e-notifications that add value to your brand.